Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What Beautiful Looks Like

I'm sorry for the delay!  It looks like Google has started charging.  That's fine - I don't mind paying $5 for 20g, but I don't like being told in the middle of an upload AND having to wait until the payment gets through before I can upload again.  We'll see how long this lasts.  I may have to get off my bum and figure out how to post this blog to my www.auntcrazy.com domain after all. 


5 years ago I met the Lual family.  The first homework assignment I ever worked on with the Luals was an Oceanography assignment for an ambitious young lady named Awut.  She barely spoke English, she had never received ANY schooling of ANY kind, and here she was, in the 5th grade of Holiday Elementary School, Richmond, VA ... United States of America.

And she wanted me to teach her what the Continental Shelf is. 

Well cut to the next scene!  Here is Awooda today.  She is now the confident, beautiful young lady you see below, headed to her first Homecoming Dance!  

I was happy to tell her "sorry, too bad, lots of kids can't go to homecoming" - I've had to disappoint these kids hundreds of times - but I made the mistake of mentioning it to Mo.  Next thing you know, Awooda and I were at the mall shopping for dresses with the promise that Mo will reimburse us.  Apparently Mo never went to Homecoming and REALLY wanted Awut to go!    

Awooda sprung for her own hairdo (she also hit up an equally sentimental Uncle for $20 of it.... this girl is no fool.)

She was very nervous but her hair came out beautifully!

Awooda and her friend Reem.

This is how I NORMALLY see Awooda... and apparently her teachers do too because...

... when THIS Awooda arrived at the dance, her own teachers and friends didn't even recognize her!

Reem helps with the shoes.

Nephew Malu looks on...
Final touches...

Janeen waiting anxiously...

The result!  Isn't she gorgeous?  We were all so excited for her.  From lower left to right, Adeng, Anger, Awooda, Malu, Reem and Janeen.

Malu kept trying to escape.  Poor kid wasn't feeling well anyway, then we throw him into the middle of a bunch of girls!

Awut and I over the years ... why am I always wearing a baseball hat?  (Picture above from Halloween 2006, below from this Fall.)

Awooda and Aunt Crazy

Congratulations Awooda! I'm so glad you had the best night of your life! 

Meanwhile... Aunt Crazy returns to Virginia Beach for her 20th High School Reunion.  (Insert Grosse Point Blank reference of choice here.)

First sign of home - Pollard's Chicken!
Had to at least do a driveby.
I helped Silver and the team set up on Saturday afternoon.

That's me on the right - I am seriously considering walking around like that all the time in the hopes that I always look that long and lean.  I'm also considering stealing Silver's camera.

Scene of the crime - Hooks at Rudee Inlet.
Enjoying a visit with Jenni's Mom Mrs. Roberts and her kids, Carly and Nick!

Jenni and Matt ... maybe a little too close?

With Brandon
"Barney" and his wife Janine, Mike and Alicia
Us back at graduation ... Now I remember why I stopped highlighting my hair!
Jenni now ... on the side of the Morning Wave truck!

Todd and Mike in High School.
Mike and Todd now ... ah, some things never change.  :)
My loveley abode at the Geyer house!

The office formerly known as Leah's room.

The famous renovated bathroom!  I took a soak in that tub and it was LOVELY LOVELY!! 

Mr. and Mrs. Geyer: Extreme Makeover professionals.

Noah and Adam ... Sunday brunch at Rockafellers.

Noah, Mrs. G, Shannon, Jake and Mr. Geyer

Thanks Geyers!  You made it a WONDERFUL weekend!

I'd like to take one final moment to brag about my cousin Katy.  It seems like just yesterday I was attending this beautiful baby's 2nd birthday party.  Now look at her!  Ice Princess!  Congratulations, Katy! We're so proud of you!

Katy again.  :)

I can't believe how much work they have done.  The house looks AWESOME!  Only the kitchen is left. 

The newly updated room over the garage. 

The other side of the office ... full of treasures from when Mr. Geyer was at sea.

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