Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pasadena or Bust!!

I spent last weekend in Pasadena, MD and let me tell you, I could NOT have had any more fun!!

I arrived at Spies' house on Friday morning and after discovering Lindsey air-boxing with the WII in her family room, the party began!

Brandi, Kelly (AKA "Flip"), and Samantha in the pool
At Dori and Mike's house later that afternoon. Dave and Lynn brought FOUR DOZEN CHESAPEAKE BAY BLUE CRABS from their restaurant (Seaside) for us to share ... now THAT'S a perfect afternoon!

Robin (AKA "Small") and Bill find a hammock, the most ergonomically-correct location for proper crab & beer digestion.

The Tom, Moge, Emma and Ben arrive!

Dave, Spies, Lynn, Samantha, Mike and Billy at the swim up pool bar. I know, I know. You don't even have to say it. Yes, this is someone's BACKYARD!!

Ben and Lindsey were fast friends on Friday.

Saturday afternoon, we were forced to say our goodbyes to Flip, Small, Brandi and Lexy (pictured above with Aunt Crazy.)

Kelly arrived, and we got ready to go out on Saturday night ... Spies, Moge, & Kennedy (who Kelly calls "The Delta Three") together with Holleran spells "Danger."

Samantha and Aunt Crazy ... "Kennedy" to Samantha and Lindsey, as they knew be before Aunt Crazy was an Aunt.

The beginning of "The Pasadena Bar Crawl" that would never be ... AJ's Pub. We had planned on kicking things off here ... cut to the next scene, and it's 2 AM. The only crawling we did was getting into the taxi!

This was our Karaoke DJ couple - yes, that is bling around the Naughty on her shirt and on the sides of the pants! Awesome.

Spies with Antone - he puts the "A" in AJ'S. Stay tuned ... this isn't the last photo you'll see of THESE two!

We talked Dori into Kung Fu Fighting - admittedly, a huge mistake all around. :)

Dig this guy's shirt - AWESOME! Yes, that's Redd Foxx, just in case you were asking yourself!!

This is Diesel. He is singing Funky Cold Medina. It really doesn't get any better than that. Oh, WAIT... maybe it does.....

Yep! I was wrong, it CAN get better! This is Moge and Tom singing Paradise City. I almost peed my pants. I think my favorite parts were the fact that these two were PERFECTLY SYNCHED for the chorus ("TAKE (pause) ME (pause) HOME" / "OH WON'T YOU PLEASE TAKE ME HO-OME") and when Tom improvised during the guitar solo. He inserted lyrics such as "Ow" and "Oh yeah" and "Ow ... Too much instrumental music ... oh yeah."

Yep, you guessed it. Spies and Antone dancing on the bar to a certain Buckcherry song that I hesitate to name here, in an effort to keep this site rated PG. So much fun!!!


Jennifer Roberts said...

After looking at these pictures, I feel like I don't even know your friends anymore... didn't they used to be classy, high brow, often Mom-types that enjoyed drinking wine and bettering the planet?? I'm so confused....

Kerry said...

What a fun night, wish I was there too! Although I would have been singing "Sweet Child of Mine" instead of Paradise City. I need one of those swim up bars...sweet!

lemmie said...

OMG! I love the karaoke pix! You're welcome on the bread - so funny!!!