Monday, July 14, 2008

Plant, Krauss and Guests at the House!

All right, that was pretty Dr. Seuss for a blog title, I know, but I couldn't resist.
Sorry it's been so long since the last post! Quite frankly, nothing really has happened. This weekend, however, was different!

On Friday I drove down to Cary to see my Mom's new house, my sister's family, and to go to see Alison Krauss and Robert Plant in Raleigh. It was a whirlwind trip, but it was a lot of fun!

Mom and Lauren in Mom's new kitchen

Mom's brand new house!!

View from the family room to the kitchen ... check out that MAC DADDY television! Mom calls it the "Mother of all TVs"

I definitely have kitchen envy. And I don't even like to cook!

Lauren loves Mema's new house already. This is Munchkin surprising me from Mom's clothes closet.

Who gets a new car for her first birthday? Kyla, that's who! From Mom Mom and Pop Pop. And it's her favorite place to watch television. It's hilarious when she leans back and throws her left elbow over the top of the driver's seatback.

Christie, Pipsqueak and Lauren eating breakfast Saturday morning.

On Saturday, my friends Hannah, Brian, and Madeleine came to visit me in Richmond. We had a wonderfully relaxed 25 hours of catching up and playing with the baby!

Hannah, Madeleine, and Brian on the porch

Baby B with one of her zany facial expressions! She loved reaching down from her dump chair to scratch the decking of the porch. Personally, I think she was admiring the paint job. :)

Superbaby takes flight


Bill said...

Regarding that second to the last picture: That's Bumbo and Winkel she's with! I know them!

'Bumbo and Winkel' sounds like an ad for a new cartoon youd be trying to FF through at the beginning of a kid's DVD.

Jennifer Roberts said...

I LOVE your mom's house!! how fabulous for her...
Great pictures!