Monday, April 13, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust!

Last weekend was Soo's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette! My signature "single friend" and Austin, TX playmate is getting hitched. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm so happy for her it's actually hard to put on the pout like I'd like to!

Soo Kang ... soon-to-be Soo Johnson

The Bridal Shower

The food - man, it was so good I cannot even DESCRIBE it. Our hostess, Joanne - who actually owns an entire APPLIANCE for Kimchi refrigeration - was able to make a delicious meal that fit our diverse palates.

Soo and Aunt Crazy

I knew this was going to be a great picture of Cindy!!

Laughing at the price tag still on - Oops!

Great gifts! Ca-ching!

This was funny ... Donna, one of Soo's friends, has a son who apparently tossed this toy in her present. Apparently Donna and her husband had been looking for this odd little creature for a week!!

Nice picture of Soo watching the "veil making game." I think she had a great day.

June, Soo, Suzi and Neffi

Joanne, Cindy, Soo and Donna

Kwang took this game VERY seriously ... she actually SEWED the flowers on the veil!

Lenear, Soo, and Luann

Tokey, Soo and Kwang

Soo's "Veil of Choice" to wear to the bachelorette party! (Mostly because it was the most durable; I'll admit, I didn't buy the MOST quality materials at Ben Franklin!)

Soo and her UVA friends, Suzi, Joanne and June (who actually married one of their college friends)

Preparations for the Bachelorette begin back at Soo's condo ... water, wine, nametags, and a wine stopper and shot glass in the required .... hmmm, likeness.

All ready for an evening out at Cork!

Aunt Crazy (Anne), Neffi, Soo and Lenear

Our VERY patient waitress and Cindy.

We chose this wine because of the description. I love that - "Good mouthfeel." They don't lie, either! It really did!

Soo and one of SEVERAL bottles of wine.

The only disappointment was the $9 cookie tray ... not much and not good. Otherwise, this place was AMAZING! Everyone was so nice and everything was extremely reasonable. Plus I am absolutely CONVINCED that this is where all of the attractive people in Washington DC go - I've never seen such a handsome crowd! Naturally, we fit right in. :)

The crowd - Anne (me), Neffi, Lenear, Soo and Cindy


AHA! When the check was paid and we stood up to leave, we finally drew the attention of a table of guys, who bought us another round. I was glad for that. Every bachelorette should have a guy buy her a drink on her last night of freedom, don't you think?

Goofing off
Soo says farewell to Neffi and Lenear as they catch a separate cab.

Mystery man - who said "No pictures - I work for The Agency" - fends off my paparazzi attacks. You didn't see him here, folks.

Soo, Aunt Crazy, Boy, other Boy, Cindy

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