Monday, April 20, 2009


Do I have your attention? Who doesn't love food, right??

Michael Pollan and Marion Nestle
(purchased by Aunt Crazy from Action Photo Company)

OK, I'll admit it: I have a weakness for idealists. A big one. Idealists with IDEAS. "Actionable ideas" as my coworker says. Individuals who do the homework and then stick their necks out and say "Hey, let's try this to make the world better." I love that stuff and tend to follow this kind of person around like a hungry, stray dog; idealists are my Achilles Heel, you might say.

Last year, my friends Brian, Hannah, and their daughter Madeleine visited, and Brian told me about this book The Omnivore's Dilemma. I loved it! I learned so much about where food comes from.

I found out that the author, Michael Pollan, would be coming to Richmond to speak at The Richmond Forum. I waited for tickets to go on sale and called the day they did. Sold out! So I posted a desperate ad on my company's bulletin board, and a very nice lady sold me her tickets. The good news: they were right in the Orchestra section! The bad news: they weren't together. Still, I was ecstatic to get my hands on them.

I asked my friend Nicole to go and when she mentioned to her friend Stacey at yoga that she would be going, Stacey told her that Michael Pollan himself would be visiting her city garden the next day! Nicole scored us an invite!

It was so fun. First of all, the garden was gorgeous. An effective, functioning, inner-city, organic garden! I was extremely impressed. Second of all, Michael Pollan was so nice! He signed a card for my friend Brian and wrote "Vote with your fork!" As an economics major, that really spoke to me. :) I suppose he could have also put a play on the old saying "put your money where your mouth is", but it would not have sounded as cool.
Aside to Lindsey and Samantha if you're reading this: Where were you? You were under STRICT INSTRUCTIONS to stand by and watch the back of my jeans! Yep, you guessed it. Right in front of everyone, I dropped the piece of paper that Pollan signed, bent over to pick it up and RIP!! Kennedy's left butt cheeck busted right out of her pants. I know you were in Maryland and you were given the task of watching this particular pair of jeans about 3 months ago, but I am still disappointed in you. How embarrassing ... even for me!

Nicole in front of Tricycle Garden in Church Hill.

What would Tricycle Garden be without an actual tricycle on the entryway?

Stacey, Nicole's friend who helps manage the garden, explaining to Nicole about how the rainwater cistern works.

Pretty flower

Stacey with Michael Pollan

Marion Nestle and Michael Pollan - I didn't realize that was Marion Nestle or I would have taken more pictures of the FRONT of her. :) She gave an amazing presentation Saturday evening.

Hanging out in the garden in front of the "repurposed" shed ... the doors were a work of art and curved to close flush with the shed. The outer shingles were made from Number 10 cans (donated and cut by Ukrops for the garden.)

Not everyone was there to discuss local, organic gardening.

Michael Pollan talking to more folks.

Nicole checks out the herbs in Stacey's plot.

Not sure what caused the grimace!

I don't know what this photographer took with his Rolleiflex, but I was mesmorized and took a picture of him taking it!

A plotowner and his daughter (lower left) were actually there to weed! We loved her fairy wings.

A couple of boys playing in the gardens.

Nicole's a sucker for a kitty cat.

Stacey eating a freshly picked asparagas.

Refreshments for the guests

Theme of the day: let photosynthesis feed you!

Stacey and Nicole

Hanging in the shade with possibly one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.

A few hours later, Nicole and I grabbed dinner at Cous Cous before the event. (Thank you Entertainment Book!)

There was a VERY successful Farmers Market in the basement of the Landmark.

Marion Nestle and Michael Pollan purchasing at the Farmers Market
(purchased by Aunt Crazy from Action Photo Company)

Virginia Grown gave away reusable bags. Some people used them to tote home goodies from the Virginia growers who had booths. I was SOOOO tempted to take home some gorgeous tomato plants, but my yard is not quite ready yet.

Tricycle Gardens had a booth - Nicole talked to Stacey about upcoming classes.

Our great seats ... perfect location, but not together! This is Nicole in front of me, politely turning off her cell phone before the show.

Our seats!! This was taken during the Question and Answer period at the end. I have circled us in red.
(purchased by Aunt Crazy from Action Photo Company)

Thanks to everyone! It was a perfect day!!!

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92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

What an awesome day!! I love the Virginia Grown website; the kids and I can't WAIT to get down to the Pungo farms... yuuu-UM!!
And WHY didn't you post a pic of the torn jeans??? I have to see 'em for the Def Leppard concert....