Thursday, April 23, 2009

Farewell Family B!

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It's off to Los Angeles to work for Disney they go!

On Sunday, Brian and Hannah were kind enough to set an afternoon aside to say goodbye to their friends from DC. It was a GREAT party. We're going to miss them!!

Brian and Hannah
Aunt Crazy, Hannah, and Meredith

The crowd
This was FUN!! At Hannah's wedding in 2003, Meredith and I sat with Tom and Jerry (I'm not kidding! Those are really their names!) We had a little reunion. They are just as cool as I remember, and I think Jerry is going to join us for a Girls' Trip to LA! Hannah emphasized the spare bedroom. :)

Jerry, Tom, Hannah, Meredith



Stacey and her husband (whose name I forgot, like many of the guests! Bad Anne.)




Some Guests

Stacey's husband at the yummy buffet

Mary, Mary's Husband, guest (I am REALLY horrible at this!)

Guests that are related to each other, maybe?


Guest, Guest, and Host - Brian

Janeen arrives

Guest, Hannah, Guest and Guest
Guest and Guest

Guest and Guest



AHA! People I know!! Meredith and Tim

Meredith and Janeen displaying the collage Mary put together - HILARIOUS

A close up of one of my FAVORITE pics :)

Sarah, Tim, and Meredith
I stayed in the same B&B as these folks in Maine in 2003 for the wedding, and we took an awesome whale-watching trip together!

Sarah and Matt Mattingly
Guest, Hannah, Guest (who looks a lot like my friend Missy - where is Missy?)

Hannah and Brian

Suburban Mommy and her "ex", Daddy B

Brian and Tim

More collage ... SERIOUSLY funny stuff!!

Brian and Janeen... Wow. Did I mention this was funny????

I love this picture of Brian and Hannah. We missed seeing Madeleine though!

Guest and Hannah

Stuff from Guests

Dinner club!

Tim, Meredith and Janeen ... Yes, Tim IS that tall and Janeen IS that short. :)

Bye Bye Hannah!!! We will miss you!! Take care of yourself!

Yes, I know ... enough pictures already. :)

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