Friday, September 21, 2007

Another day, another dollar! (I hope)

Last weekend was a blast with a picnic at Kari's house and a bachelorette party. I was pretty productive, too, pulling everything out of every corner of my house to clean, price and sell in a Yard Sale tomorrow. Here's hoping I get rid of a lot of junk and maybe make a few dollars in the process!

One bad thing ... my bike was taken. :-( This is NOT good news, because now is prime bike-riding weather in Richmond! I really missed it this week.

Yesterday at work they had a United Way fundraiser. It was a HUGE success! I took a few videos of the performances, and here's one that about made me bust a gut. I'm sure he made a fortune for the United Way, because everyone was cracking up. Who has the guts to sing Feelings acapella?

Have a great weekend everyone!
- Aunt Crazy

1 comment:

lemmie said...

i can't believe your bike was stolen! ! that stinks!!
i emailed you and kristen - i think it went to your work account. anyways, see you soon!