Friday, September 28, 2007

September 15th - catching up again!

On September 15th, Kari, Darrin and Katelyn hosted a 'farewell' party for our friends Jen and Dave who are moving to Charleston, South Carolina. Jenna, Evan, Eliza and Ellie came all the way down from Pittsburgh! Padma, Kerry and Christopher also joined us. It was a lot of fun, although I had to leave early to go to my friend Amanda's bachelorette party.

Ellie loves the slide!
Padma and Jen
Christopher's not sure what to do with all these girls around!!
Kari relaxes between pictures...

Eliza, Katelyn and Ellie play in the moonbounce.

Jenna and Darrin in the kitchen...

Dave just got his Phd. from Virginia Tech (well, he GETS it in December, but he's successfully defended his dissertation) so I made him this shirt...

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