Friday, September 14, 2007

Kennedy Family Reunion

On Labor Day weekend, the Kennedy family met in Albany, NY for a family reunion. In addition to just wanting to get together, it was my Aunt Morag and Uncle Don's 50th wedding anniversary!

Above is Shirl (Morag's oldest and closest friend), my Aunt Morag, Isabel, me, and Andy, my cousin and Isabel's husband. I am wearing the Kennedy tartan in a skirt, which my Aunt Morag gave to me. It was my grandmother's.

We attended the Scottish Games in the Altamont Fairground. It was a blast! We even walked in the Parade of Tartans!

We had Meat Pies and Bridies for lunch. Above is my cousin Zach with Kyla, and Chris and Joey looking on.

Saturday night we enjoyed a nice dinner to celebrate Morag and Don's anniversary. Kelly, Chris and my brother Bill are pictured above. Christopher wore the Kennedy tartan tie as he brought in the steaming haggis on a silver platter. It was hilarious, but he did a great job!

Lauren kept interrupting the toasts because we made the mistake of telling her beforehand that she would get some cake. My poor Uncle Don was giving the most amazing, wonderful speech, but unfortunately at one point everyone laughed because Lauren was screaming "But I want it NOW!" in the background. You can see that Uncle Bill finally brought her some, and it made her quite happy.

Here is a picture of the whole Stauffer family (sans spouses and children, that is.) Doug and Aundy are fraternal twins.
Sunday we enjoyed a casual barbeque at Morag and Don's house. Here Aunt Morag and I are with Greg, Joey, Chris, Zach and Dominik.

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