Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ingleside Wine Tour

My friend Padma and her lovely, scruffy pup Audrey spent the weekend at my house. We had a great time! On Saturday we met at my friend Susan's house and headed over to Once Upon a Vine, a wine and beer store in her neighborhood. "Bob" from Once Upon a Time organizes wine tours in Virginia every once in a while. Susan and Ben had a great time on the last one, so Padma and I joined her for this ... the Bus / Boat / Ingleside Winery tour!

The weather was PHENOMENAL - just beautiful. We got a little sunburn, but by the time we realized it, we were under the influence of a very pleasant wine buzz, so who cares?

This could be considered "the before picture" ... on the boat UP the Rappahannock River to Ingleside Winery.

This is a short video of the boat on the way DOWN the river ... We are making fun of ourselves because we'd had a very "Who's on First?"-esque conversation in the shop at the winery while looking at a map. I was trying to explain to Padma where we were by saying "Don't you see the words 'To Richmond??'" ... and, of course, there were TWO places on the map that say To Richmond. One was up the river, and one was down the river from Ingleside Winery, indicated in purple writing in the center of the map. While we were having this discussion (argument), Susan kept asking "Where is the winery?" We didn't answer her because we were so intent on getting our point across to each other. Finally Susan screams "BUT WHERE IS THE WINERY???"

The entire shop watched (and heard!) our entire conversation, and we were pretty much the laughing stock of the tour for the rest of the day. Not unusual for me, though.

And finally, singing Beatles songs on the bus on the way back! It was a lovely day.

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lemmie said...

om gosh - wow - weird! can't see the video - probably don't want to b/c it's probably really embarassing!