Monday, October 22, 2007

Step in Time! Step in Time!

This weekend my friend Mo and I took the Luals to see Mary Poppins at the Byrd Theatre. All proceeds went to Child Savers, which assists children in the Richmond area with handling traumatic events in their lives.

Waiting outside the Byrd before the show, there were people doing face painting. Deng went first, and he got a star. Nyabol, Anger, Achan, Duk and Awut were also painted.

We took up almost the whole row! And that was WITHOUT Mom, Dad, Yay, Nyaring, Thiep, Adeng and Muloh. Shwew. The kids had a great time jumping up and down, eating popcorn, singing and making a LOT of noise with the kazoos that were handed out.

The kids with "Queen Mo" (AKA "Driver") after the show.

While we were waiting for Mom to get back from work at Chic-Fil-A, we took advantage of the chalk in the grab bags they handed out at the movie.

Ayak traced Deng. He thought that was really funny.

The girls really got into all the pictures being taken ... I guess you could say they really LET THEIR HAIR DOWN.

I can't really put my finger on WHY this is my favorite chalk drawing, but something about it just speaks to me. :-) This was from the twins ... a "disagreement" began when Achan's "I love you Anne" strayed into Anger's "We love you Anne." Hard for me to pick a side on that argument!
The grab bags also contained temporary tattoos of Mary Poppins. Nyabol swore to me that she was going to try to keep this on until school on Monday!

After Mom left, we cleaned the WHOLE HOUSE - bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, clothes, carpet - EVERYTHING! Then we shared 4 Tombstone pizzas and I ("Princess Anne") headed back to my house around 9. What a fun day!

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