Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Already Cheating

Wow, I am TERRIBLE at this. I've already cheated 2 & 1/2 times! One time consciously, one time unconsciously, and one time I found a loophole in my own rules just to get what I wanted!

On Purpose
OK, I went to Sea World on Saturday. I paid for my own ticket, and it was clearly not a necessity, food, or a gift. Sue me. I was in San Diego with my brother, my sister, and - most importantly - my three and a half year old niece! I was GOING to Sea World.

Without Thinking
On Sunday, my brother played me a Johnny Cash song I hadn't heard before called "One Piece at a Time." I loved it, and I immediately purchased it on my iPhone. It wasn't until Monday when iTunes sent me a receipt to my e-mail that I even realized I'd violated my own rule!

Ignoring Intent
I needed sleep. I didn't get much sleep in San Diego, and I was about to catch a red eye on Monday night. I was departing at 11 and arriving at 9 AM (3 hours ahead) in Richmond. I needed to then drive down to see my Mom in Cary because she was having an eye operation. I knew I would also be returning to Richmond for work this morning. I needed SLEEP! On the flight to San Diego, I was freezing and couldn't sleep at all. So, in the airport shop, I saw the Brookstone Nap blanket for $35.

It was CALLING me ...
"Aunt Crazy, Aunt Crazy ... buy me and you'll sleep like a baby!"
So I called back
"I can't!! I can't! I'm Not Buying It!"
Still, it relented
"OK, well, your Mom is having surgery ... if you buy this for her - AS A
GIFT - then it still falls within the rules... and naturally, she won't mind if
you use it on the plane just to get a little shut-eye!"
Depravation is obviously not my Thing. Like everyone, I was thinking of all of the Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country yesterday. Meanwhile, I can't even seem to sacrifice a mild chill!! Pathetic.


92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

Oh my, you poor thing... you're being honest, and good! Don't worry about the loopholes or SeaWorld... as for the music, from now on, tell me what you want, I'll get it and send it to you via email :)

lemmie said...

The blanket is pretty :)

You're being better than the majority of the rest of us. I still buy my Starbuck's coffee every morning in the library / 1.83 each morning! That's crazy!

Hang in there - we're eating in tonight!

Anne said...

Thanks ladies! Thank goodness for girlfriends!

Jen, I appreciate the offer... if I get desperate, I'll call you! :)

Susan, I got Starbucks yesterday, too, but I was leaving my Mom's house in Cary at 5:30 AM to go to work in Richmond until 7, then tutor the Luals last night. I considered Starbucks a necessity! Hee hee!

Looking forward to Kristen's Famous Grilled Cheese paninis tonight! I'm bringing wine.