Tuesday, November 18, 2008

San Diego: Home of the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long, but hopefully these pictures and videos are worth it. As usual, I'll just upload the pics and add text as soon as I can!

Sea World with Uncle Bill!

Waiting for Shamu

Shamu splash


Killer whale flip

So dangerous but soooooo pretty!

Lauren finally got to the Elmo Area and completely freaked out! We had to go home!

La Jolla

Sydney, Lauren, Bill and Christie

Aunt Crazy (Anne), Bill, Christie, Lauren

Bill's house in Pacific Beach or "PB" .... which I thought was Peanut Butter until around the third day.
Cocktail hour in the front yard

Uncle Bill and Lauren watch Tinkerbell before we head to dinner

This was probably our favorite picture from the whole weekend... nothing funnier than a three and a half year old with jet lag! Poor pipsqueak.

... 8.... 9... 10... She's out. It's only fair - she woke up at 3:30 AM that morning! 6:30 East Coast time - how could she know?

Bill and Christie
Lauren and Christie

Lauren put on Aunt Crazy's sunglasses and kept looking at herself in the mirror.

OK! Sea World Round II! (Thank goodness for 2-day passes!)

Bill, Christie and Lauren

Sea Lion ... or otter.... or walrus... I have no idea, actually.

Aunt Crazy and Lauren feed fish to the sea lion through the feeder holes.

He sees it coming through ...

He got it!

Dolphin Discovery at Sea World

Lauren, Christie, Bill and the Popcorn!

I have no idea how they learn this, but it was really cool.

Handshake with Mary-the-Fake... they made you think she was plucked from the audience, but really she is a trainer. Fraud! (I wouldn't have have felt so betrayed if I were smart enough to figure it out. She fell into the pool and I gasped, when Bill and Christie pointed out that - duh - it was part of the act.)

The finale

The Clydesdales ... Christie was impressed that they didn't stink. These horses are treated like kings!

A horse, by any other name... Hee hee

Christie and Lauren with Pete.

They even had fancy Budweiser horse blankets.

You have GOT to be kidding me ... Bill, Christie and Lauren are headed to Atlantis.

This is Atlantis... but....

This is the first drop! Christie and Lauren were in the front seat, and Uncle Bill was in the second seat.
Check out Bill's face - hilarious!
No stopping now!

Grinning faces
Lauren wasn't sure WHAT happened, but she liked it!

Yes, I'm still here!

Hi Bill! It was actually pretty brave for all of them because it was chilly that day!!

What was Aunt Crazy doing all this time? Observing these EXTREMELY cool Commerson's Dolphins.

On the way home, we gave Lauren the camera. I think it's interesting to see the world through Lauren's eyes. Here's Uncle Bill. Hey - eyes on the road, big guy!!

Here's Mommy!

Here's Aunt Crazy!

After Sea World, we went to see Leah and Dave at their store Material. It's an awesome upscale clothing store on University Boulevard.

View of the store - nice foosball table!

Caleb giving Lauren a tour of the store.

The front of the register counter is a mirror - HOURS of entertainment there!

Aunt Crazy and Caleb ... with Aunt Crazy's iPhone. Dave was so right - he IS a gadget kid!!

The Reyes clan - Caleb, Leah (Geyer), and Dave.

Fish tacos at Bill's! (Christie and Lauren were in bed, since they needed to leave at 3:30 the next morning!)

I believe this is known as the classic Toddler / Dog Tete-a-Tete.

Leah and Caleb

Dave and Bill, with their blocks.

Sydney scaring birds on Ocean Beach.

The back of the truck of the Lifeguard who almost gave me 2 citations for letting Sydney chase birds on Ocean Beach. Oops! Time to pull that "I'm-very-sorry-I'm-from-out-of-town" card!


lemmie said...

great post! looks like an awesome trip - i miss sydney! she looks like she's right at home on the beach :)

92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

where to start, where to start??
What amazing pictures!! I love the Lauren sleeping sitting up one, that's priceless..and I CAN NOT believe she went on that scary plummeting boat ride!! I'd SO be with you checking out those dolphins, which ARE very cool... never heard of 'em before!
I'm so glad you had a great time and got to spend time with Bill and Christie; you guys are the best. And now, I have to go find a recipe for fish tacos, because that spread looked devine!! AND we have a boatload of extra fish from Matt's recent adventure, which I'll blog about momentarily. :)

lemmie said...

got your message - yep, same stitch as ben's scarf! i have been knitting like crazy!!

lemmie said...

you may be getting on of those little bags soon if i can get off my duff to do them by xmas - if not, you'll get on in the spring!