Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, it was bound to happen. Although Judith Levine was able to abstain from shopping for a year, I was not able to do it for 3 weeks!

Yesterday I was Christmas shopping while waiting to meet my friend Soo for dinner, and I was pretty successful. I knocked out a few gifts on my list. I also tried things on for myself, but said "NOT BUYING IT!" I was walking around with a no-shopping pride in my resistance that bordered on arrogance.

Then I saw the Lucky Brand jeans outlet.

I have two pairs of jeans. As those who have seen me the last two weekends can attest, one of these pairs is just about to bust out at the butt. Still, I can only wear jeans on weekends, so how can I justify another pair of jeans?

Well, I did it. I tried some on and bought two pairs TOGETHER for $20 less than I paid for one pair last year! And I'm feeling incredibly guilty about it. So, I'm posing the question and will do WHATEVER is voted upon by Thursday morning when I pack to go to my family's for Thanksgiving:


Meredith said...

PLEASE - give yourself a break! You need clothes, right?! I'm super impressed you went 3 weeks!! By the way, I really wanted to buy her book the other day, but felt it wasn't a necessity, so had to resist. Kind of a catch 22, huh? Anyway, she wrote a great article in the Post yesterday (the only one I had time to read!) about this topic/dilemma. Fascinating.

Anne said...

Really? I'll have to read it ... Thanks for your support! This is why I love girlfriends!!

92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

Good grief already....don't let that guilt kick in. A girl HAS to have jeans. That's right.... PLURAL. It's just good common sense. And look how much you SAVED. Personally, I'd march myself back to that outlet and buy 2 more in different washes and say "pblllt" to that book. It makes sense for some things ~ like books you can get at the library, or really expensive coffees when you can brew at home... but not jeans at that price. You done good!

Jen Hen said...

Good jeans are ALWAYS a good investment.

Anne said...

I wore my new jeans and loved every minute of it. I also learned something: no one wants to read about what a martyr you are when you DON'T buy something - it's much more fun to read about when you cheat and DO buy something! And - naturally - I am in complete agreement!

Thanks everyone!