Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Academy Awards Weekend 2009!

Well, that's it. It rocked. Every year we have a great time together, and this year was no exception!!

Meredith was supposed to leave Saturday morning, but ... well, let's just say she was headed down 95 just after lunchtime on Friday! Which of course means that I also left work around 2:30. Let the games begin!

Mere and Aunt Crazy

We hit the grocery store for some supplies, then we went to Grape for some ... well, some OTHER supplies! There was a tasting going on and since we weren't on the clock, we partook!!

Bill (one of my favorite people in the world) from Grape and Cheese, and Aunt Crazy

After some appetizers at LuLu's, Meredith and I picked up Liz and Lori from Main Street Station at 8:37, and we were in Havana 59 minutes later!

Havana 59 mojito at 8:59

Me after knocking the icewater onto my lap. Saved the Mojito, though.

Meredith MADE us these hats and scarves! They were PERFECT!! We couldn't believe it.

The girls all cozied up in their PJs getting ready to watch Sex and The City - Lori's first time!

Meredith and Liz on Saturday morning after Meredith's massage and Liz and my manicure, we hung out waiting for Lori to finish her massage at Legend with Will so we could eat a hard-earned lunch at Can Can.

Beautiful Liz at Can Can

The Oscars girls - requisite group shot: Liz, Lori, Meredith and Anne

Lori sporting her "What Would Buddha Do?" button from Mongrel

Bobby Flay's Oscar Cocktails (amongst other cocktails)

Richmond girls meet Oscars girls: Kristen, Leslie, and Lori

Liz and Meredith with the brunch spread
Nicole, me, and Liz

Nicole, Liz, Lori, Meredith, Leslie and Kristen

People looking at the house dropped these chocolates off later - pretty cool!! (Delicious too!)

Meredith and I ran to Sheilds Market for some more wine, where the cashier (who is actually on the front of their web site!) gave her this button because it was her birthday. It says "I'm #1: Why Try Harder?" Hahahaha....

Watching the Oscars in our glittery tops and sweats.

A shot of Kate on the Red Carpet
Meredith and I dropped Liz and Lori off at the train on Monday morning at 10:34 (oops! Their train was actually at 10:27 rather than 10:37 as Aunt Crazy thought! Luckily the train was late!!) Then - to ease back into reality - Meredith and I went out for a coffee and bagel. Another FANTASTIC Oscars weekend down. Thanks girls!! I love you guys!!


Jen Hen said...

So, so, so fun!!!! I liked the oscars this year--I love Hugh Jackman.

lemmie said...

Sorry I missed meeting the Oscar girls! Looks like so much fun!

Anne said...

Yes, Hugh Jackman ROCKED! He did a fabulous job. And how about Anne Hathaway singing? Wow!

Susie Q, we missed you too!