Monday, March 2, 2009

Sister Swartz and Snow

Christie and Matt arrived on Friday night to 67 degree weather, and departed in the ice and snow on Sunday. What a crazy weekend!

Lauren's scary face
Giggle squad
Lauren's concentration face
Christie and the girls play on the couch
THIS is why I covered the fireplace ... although you can see that one of my Facebook friend's warnings came to fruition: Yes, Tyler, apparently covering it DOES make it that much more intriguing to them!!


Kyla and Matt horsing around

Walking to 3 Monkeys Sunday for lunch: Lauren, Aunt Crazy, Polar bear on Main Street, Christie, Kyla

The cubby under my stairs became Lauren's personal playspace on Sunday. My cleaning supplies took up a new residence in the hallway.

Kyla was more interested in the flashlight than the cubby!

Matt and Lauren at lunch

Kyla's infamous scowl

Getting ready to go back out in the cold!

This killed me. Lauren REALLY didn't want to leave on Sunday. She was extremely tired and really upset. Yes, of course it broke my heart! Aunt Crazy isn't made of stone!

Richmond In The Snow

Maple tree in my backyard

My front porch

View from my kitchen window

The "Wellies" I bought in England in May - not insulated, but fun to stomp around in!

Lunch at Sticky Rice - My wasabi was a Snowman! I looked up and the guys behind the sushi bar were laughing at what a fuss I was making about it.

When I found out which guy had come up with the idea, I made him pose in front of his little Wasabi Snowmen Menagerie.

Today at the office, we looked out the window and saw that someone had made a snow angel on the Plaza in front of the Dominion building. See? Even during a snowstorm, people at the electric company can have a sense of humor.


92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

The Wellies are so cute; and the sushi looks yummy! I'm getting a hankerin' for some now...

And those girlies of Christie's are just adorable; even when they're breaking your heart...

Derek said...

After reading your post, I spent about 5 minutes scanning the image looking for the snow angel. It was like a cruel game of Where's Waldo. Once I spotted it, I let out a very loud "HA!". I caused my cube neighbor to prairie dog

Anne said...

Haha - Yes, Derek, that was my game of torture for the day. And the fact that your officemate now thinks you're crazy is just a little perk! :)

Jen, thanks! The wellies were a beast to pack in the suitcase on the return flight, but WELL worth it!