Monday, March 23, 2009

Richmond Goes Green

Well, for those of you who know me, don't close the window just yet! This isn't one of my Sustainability rants - it's about the luck of the Irish!

This weekend was a lazy, fun weekend around Richmond. On Saturday I took a Vinyasa yoga class (VERY humbling, again!), showered, and met KKidd at the recently-reopened-under-new-management Cafe Gutenberg. We were going to meet at Lulu's, but they are closed on Saturday afternoons. BUMMER.

After a haircut & color, I met Mo and Padma at my house for a long catch-up and dinner. We also watched TV, but that's tough to do with three chatty women in the room! I had a great time because we talked ALL politics and news. There aren't a lot of people I can do that with for hours and hours, and we all respect each others' views. I personally need that once in a while - it was refreshing!

I was mad that I forgot to take a picture though! We went for a walk down to Crossroads on a beautiful Saturday then had dinner afterwards; it would have been a perfect time for a picture!

On Sunday, I met Janeen and Nicole at Bamboo Cafe for Richmond's 24th Annual Church Hill Irish Festival!

Patrick Henry looking down from St. John's Church to watch the band with us.

Some kids were cracking me up trying out the Irish dances on their own on temporarily abandoned stage.

St. Patrick - shopping at one of the vendors with faux beard & flip flops.

One of the many, fantastic live acts, The Atkinsons.

Some of the local color.

Blissful (and brave!) dancers in the crowd.

One of the braver dancers... we were pretty sure her courage was artificially fueled. :)

Nicole and Janeen

Last stop before heading home: GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!

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Yvette Kelly said...

You are very very busy.Got tired just watching your antics