Monday, March 30, 2009

Monument Avenue 10K and Monumental Wipeout

On Friday night, Nicole invited me to Yoga Wabi Sabi at this cool old warehouse South of the James. It was a really different experience, a pretty fun and healthy way to spend a Friday night.

These pictures aren't very good, but you can kind of get a feel for the space. She also projected funky photographs from a local artist on the brick wall the whole time.

After the class, there was food and tea. Next month there will be chocolate and wine - what better incentive to exercise than THAT?!?

Saturday morning was the Monument Avenue 10K. I would like to say I participated in the running, but really I participated in the watching and listening to music.

Courtney, Nicole, and Brian

Ledfoot was playing! It was a "reunion tour" of sorts, with a new guitarist, Jason, a new singer, Wendy, and a re-engagement of a previous singer, Jason
(Does anyone else hear "this is my brother Darryl and my other brother Darryl" in their head right now? No? It's just me? OK.)

Most of the runners loved the band ....

... but there were occasional non-fans in the crowd.

Janeen ran! I don't know how she did it, but she did GREAT! We were so excited for her! Nicole and I went to Five Guys for burgers and fries with her afterward. We felt we didn't really deserve it - we hadn't earned it - but we ONLY went to support Janeen, naturally.

Female 10K winner!

10K winner! (by a LOT, it seemed)

Group dancing in front of the band

Ledfoot left to right: Courtney, Jason, Wendy, Brian, Bill, and Jason

Courtney taking a break. Too bad they needed the tent. Reminiscent of last year. (Kristen and her parents came out, too, but I forgot to get a picture!)

And now ... the costumes! This might be my personal favorite, Resume Man.

Michael Phelps

Uncle Sam

Indiana Jones


Robert Palmer and Girls

Rita's Italian Ice Guys

The Winner: Ms. Pac Man! The ghosts chased her (in full color) the first half, then the ghosts flipped the costumes and all wore blue as she chased them back toward the finish line. It was really clever.
And now ... today. I spent some of Saturday and most of yesterday working in the yard. I also spent some time fixing up my bike (air in the tires, batteries working in the lights, oil the chain, blah blah blah.) So naturally, I was excited to ride to work today, for the first time in 2009!

I wrecked. Wiped out. Crashed. (Funny, too, because my nickname in High School was Crash Kennedy because I drove my parents' Buick Skyhawk into the back of my own school bus. My Spanish teacher even called me Dona Choque.... but I digress...)

I hope at least someone saw me and got a good laugh out of this, so that it isn't ALL for nothing! Collateral damage: scraped bike, pair of pants I used to like, MINOR scratches to the gloves my brother brought me from Harrods (only because I had two pairs on; the outer pair were TOAST!), and a bloody knee.

I should look real sexy in a bathing suit this weekend when I go to Florida. My knee looks like a 10 year old tomboy.

Maybe Mom was right. Maybe she SHOULDN'T have let them use the forceps.

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