Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Babysitting in Cary, NC

Matt and Christie took a well-deserved weekend for themselves in Virginia Beach, and imported Aunt Crazy to babysit. It was so much fun!!

Unfortunately the weather was not great (40 degrees and rainy) and Lauren was sick, so we really couldn't leave the house too much. Fine with me! We stayed in our pajamas and played, watched movies, and generally goofed around.

Mema and Kyla in Mom's neighborhood on Monday

Kyla working hard on Mema's computer

Lauren in Mema's playroom

Poor Lauren had a virus, but she was such a good sport we weren't sure it was as serious as it was. Luckily when it hit it's peak with a whopping ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE degree fever on Sunday night, Mommy and Daddy were home. Good thing, too, because when Aunt Crazy saw her that way, she almost passed out cold. How do parents do this???

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92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

I honestly don't know how parents do it. Let me know if you find out.
You done good, though!! Whew, sounds like a fun trip; sorry Lauren was sick... I hope she's better!!