Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anklebiter Invasion: Part Deux

Last week was a lot of fun! The snow gave the whole city a new look.
I had my usual fun tutoring the Luals (although it was UNusually easy after 3 days out of school!), and then came Thursday. KKidd planned a unique night out for us in Mechanicsville, VA. After work we met at Alexander's Antiques Auction, where we were introduced to a NEW WORLD! There's an entire culture, language, protocol, etc. out there associated with the antique furniture biz. It was a blast to watch, except it was a little sad, at times. Some of the most amazing furniture went for low, low prices. I guess it's just a sign of the times.
After watching the auction for a while, we walked over to Carena's Jamaican Grille for dinner. It was really, really good! I had never had coconut creme brule before - delish!!

On Thursday night I got an e-mail from a good friend that he'd be in town the next day to see JMU play in the CAA tournement. I have no idea if I even said that right because I know ZILCH about sports, but hey! Geoff was coming to town!

Gary (Geoff's friend) and Geoff fill out the alumni application (read: FREE TICKETS.)

Gary and Geoff

Then suddenly... after a week of adult companionship... SLAM! More kiddies back in town!
This time my friends from Falls Church, VA and Pasadena, MD came down to visit. I have NEVER have a bad time or even a so-so time with this crowd; it is ALWAYS fabulous! With the addition of the 75 degree weather this weekend, however, it was a super duper fabulous visit!

Ben on Saturday morning

Lindsey and Ben have been buddies from the start. Here Ben feeds her some grapes from his breakfast platter.

Saturday was a lazy day of hanging out and catching up. While we waited for Ben to wake up from his nap, we hung out in the backyard. Here's Karen and her twins.

Spies and Lindsey

Moge and Emma

Bill and Samantha

Bill eating Samantha's pretzel

The kids in Shields Market

We had to hit the Market because I sorta forgot that kids don't eat whole grain breakfast food ... oops! Wonder Bread and Frosted Flakes to go, please!

When Ben woke up, we walked up the street to the Children's Museum.

Bill, Karen, Samantha, Emma, Lindsey and Ben.

Bill saw this sign on the way ... it made us laugh. No wonder the cat ran away!! (We think "buncher" is supposed to be "butcher.")

Ben staying busy at the water exhibit.

Me and Spies on the giant banana. Yes, of course I was singing Gwen Stefani in my head. :)


Emma on a Brontosaurus

Lindsey hatching.

Samantha on the Brontosaurus.

Ben and Moge

Lindsey giving me the "get that camera out of my face Kennedy" look.

Emma looking frustrated that the radio won't come on when she presses the button.

Disgruntled waitress Samantha.

Ben and his purple balloon.

Samantha and Emma putting together the nation's next Stimulus package.

Bill has Emma stand on the feet. Looks like she's three feet tall!

Emma changes the tires while Samantha runs diagnostics.

Princess Emma - I had to put a few of these in here because she's so darn cute.

Princess Emma ponders commands to the kingdom.

Checking out the throne.

Everyone gathering at the echo thingy out front.

Walking back via Monument Avenue.

Bill and I snuck out on Saturday night during bath time so that we could hit at least one Richmond bar. I wanted him to see the Byrd Theatre, so we hit Double T's BBQ across Cary Street for a beer. ONE beer.

How was I supposed to know that one beer was 34 ounces??

When you order the Big Boy at Double Ts, they ring this bell. Love it.

Breakfast on the Breakfast Platter - can you tell the real eggs from the ceramic ones? We added the leftover steak from the night before, which made it the first time Alison had steak and eggs for breakfast.

My baby-proofed house.

Breakfast al fresca.

Everyone grabs their chocolate bunnies ... time to say goodbye.

It seems like just yesterday that Moge, Spies and I were planning a spontaneous ice skating trip at the Archives on a weeknight because we were all hanging kidless. Now look at them! :)
Bye Spies and Staegers ... Until next time!

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